Benefits of SEO

why SEO matters for the startup?

Benefits of SEO

SEO means search engine optimization before understand what are the reasons to choose SEO for the startup? You should need to clear about SEO or why you should choose SEO? search engine optimization is the process that helps in increasing ranking and traffic on your website so that more visitors can visit your site.

Benefits of SEO

SEO helps in gaining better users experience There are many other ways for your business that helps in boosting the ranking of your site. But SEO is different from others that’s it matters a lot for the startup because with this help you provide information to the audience.

Build brand awareness SEO works in this way so that your site can be visible on the search engine and if your site does not show on the search engine result page(SERP). There is no chance that customers might be reached to your content or keyword that matters a lot to reach your site.

Cost-effective unlike PPC management, and other paid channels of digital marketing you do not need to spend money on ads for your page. You can do manual and regular work and with following google guidelines and then it boost up your website ranking.

SEO ensures a mobile-friendly website  Google has considered this parameter that your site would be mobile friendly. The main reason behind this more than 80% users are using mobile phone and internet it means they search something in mobile’s search engine so for this it matter your website’s images, content or videos would show clearly as in desktop or computer.

SEO improves website speed for any website speed consider as an important factor if your site does not sun with an accurate speed then customers will redirect to another site. It will lead to a low ranking of your site.

Let’s discuss steps for SEO success within your startup

Set your goal for the startup you should know your aim or goal that what is your business about and what do you want to offer to customers.

set your goals for seo

Keyword research This is most important for boosting your ranking and decide your keyword that is related to your products or services you offer. The keyword helps the customers to reach to your product or services.

Link building link plays a very important role in improving your brand visibility if you make high quality link on a good domain authority website. There would be more chance for higher traffic if you create backlink for your every page of your site.

link building

Create Valuable Content You know that what is the work of SEO to increase traffic and the traffic you can increase by posting content on the website. Guest posting helps you to post your content on another’s website so that customers can reach their customers. If your content is valuable and informative and it does mean for the users then you will gain ranking on your page.

SEO tagging Title tag and Meta description should be every post of your site, title tags help in indexing your site. The description tag should be under 160 characters and the title tag is 70 characters.



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