what is domain authority

How to Increase Domain Authority of Your blog?

what is domain authority

High DA for your blog is the matter, because if high DA then it means there is a chance of high ranking of your site or blogs. People visit your site after seeing your high-quality domain authority and desire to contact you for back-links services. The more domain authority shows the reputation of your blog or website. There are many ways to increase domain authority for your site that include in the benefits of digital marketing by work on SEO. On-page SEO, off-page SEO, social media, PPC ads and other different ways to boost your site.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority(DA) is the measure in the number from (0 to 100) that intimate authority of your website. This metric was developed by Moz that shows DA and PA(page authority) of a site or blogs.

Increase Domain AuthorityYou can improve search engine ranking by increasing the domain authority of your site. You need to work on search engine optimization, or social media, PPC services if you want and others.

What is page authority?

You need to know about page authority also it shows the authority of a page of your website. There are different pages on your site home page, blog page, contact us page, about us page. These pages have different authority and high PA means good search engine ranking page.

How To Increase the Domain Authority of a Website

Post Quality Content

If there will be good quality content on your site then you can increase domain authority. For making quality content you need to know how can you make your content with good quality. Your content should be informative and relevant to users’ research on the search engines. It should be easy to read and with images or videos.

how to Increase Domain Authority

On-Page SEO

This is another way to increase the domain authority of your blog

Choose the right keywords for your website and content so that web-users are finding them easily and it should be searchable.

Meta description and title tag should be used because this is shown on search engines about your content and website.

Increase DA

The snippet also can use it to attract the mind of the visitors on your site, the rich snippet is nothing it is the only rating of your blog or site.

The title of your blog should be attractive and choose the title after analyzing search engines.

Alt text images also help the users to find your site but your image must be attractive for the users and informative also.


Create high-quality links for your site and links are a really important factor to increase the domain authority of your blog.

Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority


Yes, it is a must to have patience and let your domain become older, DA of any blog can not increase immediately it takes some time.


Guest Posting

This is the best way if you want to rank your site without waiting time. A newbie website owner can use guest posts for immediate better ranking results.

Apart from these, many other ways to increase DA of your blog but good quality content and backlinks on high-quality sites with choosing appropriate keywords will boost your ranking.

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