Things that you should not do on Social Media

Social media has become the most preferable by the users, more than billions of users are connected to social media. According to a statistical survey per person spent 100 minutes on social media every day. There are many different things that you should not do on social media but still many people do such mistakes.

Before that, you should know about social media and how can you overcome the offensive error through social media.

Why Social Media is useful?

Social media has become the biggest platform for users.

That’s the reason why businesses are growing their business and promoting products and services through social media.  There is a demand for social media that’ why people are making their careers in social media marketing(SMM).

Why businesses choose social media marketing for their business?

  • More customers on social media- this is the biggest reason, people spent their time on social media. If you will find customers on social media network so it is easy for you to reach out to the customers.
  • Consumers are more percipient on social media- It is a common thing when billions of people are connected with social sites then consumers are definitely more responsive because there are numerous followers and following of brands, products, people with each other. It creates a social network among consumers.
  • Build your brand recognization- business can by creating their business profile generate leads and sales. It improves the visibility of your brand on social media sites, sharing plays a vital role in increasing traffic on your site.
  • Different social media channels help you reach to the peculiar audience- as you know there are different social media channels, on Instagram and Facebook you can share your content, videos, images, infographics. Linkedin is generally for profile creating for the requirement of jobs, it means this is business-oriented. Pinterest is all about the discovery of images or videos. If your business profile on the popular social media site you can find your targeted audience.
  • Cost-effective- social media is cost-effective, this is the greatest benefit of being with social media. There is no cost occurs to advertise your brand on social media, you need to just sign up & in to get in the social media.
  • Improve search engine ranking- a healthy and strong social media presence for your business will definitely help you in bringing traffic to your website. Social media is a not ending process t boost your site.

benefits of social media marketing

Now lets come to the things you should not do on social media-

  • Forget to edit– This is human nature that he can make a mistake in typing some sentences on social media. But you need to preview your post before posting. Also, after posting if you find any mistake in your sentence and word so that you can edit that. People find trouble to understand or think that it may be right it is not well for your website traffic.
  • Ignore negative feedback– Never ever ignore negative feedback. The main reason is, it creates a negative impact on your existing customer. If you keep ignoring your customer feedback you will face a huge loss. This also creates a negative image of your business.
  • Separating social media and your home page- maybe your brand is published on all social media network but this is important for you that pages of your site. You should link your website Homepage, blog page, news article, and other pages with your social media sites. Twitter, Facebook are widely popular apps. You should link these to your homepage to gain traffic.
  • Avoid spelling errors and illegal content- This will not help you to grow your business.
  • Forget social media buttons on your website- always remember to put the social media sites button on your homepage.
  • Not knowing the difference between a personal and business profile- if you will know the difference between your personal and business account then you are the social media marketer for your business.

You need to know along with this that SMM that we have discussed earlier is a part of digital marketing, we discuss only one part to gain the traffic on your website. there are SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate marketing, and other ways to rank your site. people are making their career in this by doing digital marketing training & courses/internships. social media is one of the best and cost-effective ways of publicizing your business.





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