how to promote content on social media

How to Promote Your Content on Social Media

how to promote content on social media

Content is the best source of creating higher traffic on your website but here it matters a lot that contents how would you promote on the social media network to attract more visitors. You all are familiar with social media, it is the basic need for web-users and more than billions of users are connected with social media sites.

Social Media become the largest platform to attract billions of users via the internet. It is another way like SEO you can optimize your content through SEO also and for this seo training in Delhi provides you the best knowledge and practical experience.

You can promote your content on different social media sites-


These are the most popular social media where you can promote your content.

  • Facebook – as you know that social media is a cost-effective way, you need to just sign up and log in and you are ready to use facebook and other accounts. In facebook, you can post images, videos, text content with adding back-links, keywords, alt-text images, using hashtags with images, videos or content. This is one where you can promote your content in an elegant way.

What are the approaches that you should follow:-

Choosing the images–  The images you would have add make it attractive and catch visitor’s eyes on your content. An image should be informative, entertaining purposes, or can be about a message with good quality.

choosing the image

In the above image, you noticed that the image is informative and use of the headlines about the image, using hashtags, and links. These help in attracting customers to reach their content. You can add your content links with adding images on facebook.

In the same way of posting an image, you can post content on Facebook with adding images, videos in your content. Here your content can be shared among users connections on social media services.

In this way, you can promote your content by sharing it in a group of pages.

Some tips you should keep in mind while posting content on any social media sites-

  • Respond to all comments on facebook, twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Do not post complicated content that can not be understood.
  • Get engaging in other users’ posts, pages.
  • Use the best instagram hashtags for likes
  • Quality images in your content.
  • Be regular engaging on social media

Promoting content on Facebook in the same way. On Instagram and Twitter, you also got sharing, comment, and posting of images, videos with hashtags and links. You can choose it for making your future in SMO (social media optimization). This creates more job opportunities and you can earn online and work as a freelancer.

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