how to increase Domain Authority of a Website

How to increase Domain Authority of a website?

how to increase Domain Authority of a Website

DA (Domain Authority) is one of the building blocks of a website that indicates the authoritativeness of a website in the vision of search engines. People do believe that a website with high Domain Authority has higher chances to rank on search engines. And we all know that high ranking on search engines gives endless benefits to a website. Sounds good!! But how you are going to increase Domain Authority of a site?

Some of you already know some methods that help to improve the Domain Authority of blog or website. But there are some hidden or we can say untold tips too that boost DA of a site, which is not so common. Let’s reveal this secret and discuss some useful strategies that increase DA quickly.

  1. Improve Domain Authority of a site

9 Easy Methods to Increase Domain Authority of a Website

  1. Create Quality Contents

    Having good quality content gives a special boost to your website. It provides organic traffic to your website that increases your website’s overall performance. Also, it creates chances that another website publisher will link it back with a post.

  2. Interlinking

    Interlinking is one of the most common parts of SEO that some people do not pay attention to. Creating a web of internal links passes the link juice to all the webpages of your website which helps to improve the domain authority.

  3. Domain Name

    Simply, Domain Name is the address of a website but do you know it affects your website authority too. A relevant and easy domain name has higher chances of improving domain authority rather than an irrelevant and difficult one.

  4. Backlinks

    If your website or webpages not gaining backlinks from different domains then theirs most probably no chances of enhancing domain authority. Backlinks quality websites assist a website to gain domain authority quickly compared to any other method.

  5. Remove Toxic Links

    Toxic links (generally known as bad links) can drag your website from success to failure. Having so many bad links pointing to your website is a sign to Google that your website is somehow not useful for users. Removing Toxic links definitely helps to raise the domain authority of a site.

  6. Guest Post

    There are a huge number of webmasters in the world that have relevant websites to yours. You can contribute to their website so both of you can gain equal benefits from each other.

  7. Site Structure

    A user-friendly site structure always helps to increase the domain authority of a website. Search Engine like Google clearly mentioned that A web must be easily accessible by users.

  8. Mobile-Friendly Website

    A website should not only well user-friendly but also be mobile-friendly too. Most users are active on mobile phones and if your website is not easily accessible then it will be a big drawback for sure. Google also has an algorithm on this too.

  9. Site Speed

    Some webmasters do believe that site speed is just a part of on-page SEO that won’t make a big effect. But site-speed indirectly affects your website authority. Nobody want’s to stay on a website that took ages to the response.


Increasing Domain Authority is all about working smartly and you must have the patience to think carefully for that. Just ding spam linking won’t help and could bring a great disaster like site penalty, which may be the worst scenario you could ever face. Let me know your opinion which tip helps you the most to improve the domain authority of your website into the comment section.

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