why SEO is so important

9 Reasons Why SEO is So Important For Your Business?

why SEO is so important

Compared to the last decade things have changed a lot. More and more businesses are paying equal or more important to their brand’s online presence than traditional marketing. As the internet has become more accessible to the masses through the mobile phone revolution – people want everything at their fingertips. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of methods or techniques which help users(in this case business)  to rank their website pages in various search engine results. There are many different benefits of SEO for your business if used properly.

The first and foremost requirement for optimizing your website that you or your business should have one. Let’s see how SEO can help your business grow:

Why SEO is beneficial for your business?

There are so many ways that SEO improves an online business. From giving a boost to your start-up to building a brand online you will need Search Engine Optimization.

1. Expand your business online

To expand your online business you need two things mainly: Traffic and conversions. Traffics gives more chances of conversions in your online business. More conversion means more revenue. You can grow your business with the help of generated revenue.

2. Good Practice of Google Algorithm

Search Engine Optimization depends on google algorithm updates. Whenever Google updates its algorithm it affects the website ranking.

That’s why you must practice the google algorithm to enhance your business website and profit.

3. SEO doesn’t cost you

SEO is a priceless practice. You don’t need to pay money to advertise after optimizing your website with it.

If you are not using PPC ads so, SEO helps to rank your webpage in the top search results.

4. Long Term Result

Seo helps to rank your business website with long term results. For Example, when you advertise your website with PPC you have to constantly invest a specific amount. And the result you get is for a limited period. But, when you optimize your website with SEO It gives a better result for a long period. Also, it doesn’t require continuous installment.

5. Organic Search

It helps to increase organic searches and reaches on your business website. Organic search means those people who came to your website by searching for a query on search engines. The main purpose of SEO is to bring organic traffic. You can easily monitor the traffic source of your website by google analytics.

why SEO is so beneficial

6. SEO Increase Conversions

When you research for the right ranking keyword, It can bring more conversion to your website, if you have affiliation sites definitely you can get conversions with the SEO. It also depends on your business website how much traffics it has.

7. Build the Branding

Customers purchase products & services by reading reviews and ratings. Brand image is a more effective way to attract your customers.

SEO helps to increase your business website visibility on search engines. This creates the brand value of your website among visitors.

8. Low-Cost Promotion

SEO makes visible your online business and its products, services on search engines. It is the easiest and economical way to promote your business website. It works 24*7*365 days for you without demands any costing (if you do it yourself).

9. Targeted Audience

It brings a relatable search on your business website. it helps you to connect with your targeted people who are searching for your niche products/services at nearby/far locations.

Suppose, you are running a site on technology niche then SEO will only target those people who are interested in technology.


There are vast reasons to choose SEO for the growth of your online business. We have discussed 9 major reasons why SEO is important for your online business and brand creation.

Which reason did you find more helpful that boosts a business online? Tell me your opinion on the comment section?


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