seo mistake that can be harful in 2020

7 SEO Mistakes that can be harmful in 2020

seo mistake that can be harful in 2020

SEO mistakes can be harmful to your website or blogs that could be the barrier to attracting the number of users on your website. SEO is the way that increases the ranking of your website so that it can be shown on top. It works in the purpose of your site can be shown on the first page of the search engine but while work on SEO you need to avoid some mistake.

Do you know SEO is a part of digital marketing? and digital marketing has become the largest platform for promoting business. People make a career in this and do courses digital marketing course fees in delhi.

Now lets come to the SEO MISTAKES that people usually do the most.

Top 7 SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoid

Duplicate content

This should be kept in mind while writing the content that your content is not copied. Prepare always unique according to people’s demands that mostly trying to search on google. Fresh content attracts the visitors toward your website so do not write the duplicate content always rewrite the content.

Not linking the fresh content with old content

It is a common mistake in SEO that website owners do not link their fresh content to another old one.  If your content will be relevant to other content then users find more information and would be happy, will keep on your content and website for a long time. Google will consider users’ time to spend on your website.

Not having a meta title and description

The meta title is an important factor to rank your website and some content has the same meta title and description that is the other SEO mistake. Always make a unique meta and description because it attracts the visitors on your site.

No attention on Internal Links

Another seo mistake arises when you are not paying attention to internal links. You should do the internal links for every blog because the search engine follows links to index pages and posts. Use internal links in your content so that Google can index your post.

Poor Website Structure

A website developer can do mistakes when preparing their site’s structure, some developers link the high authority pages to other low authority pages. If you link your homepage with other low authority pages then it will affect the search engine ranking.

top SEO mistakes

Not having a mobile responsive website

This is the biggest mistake because you must keep in mind that your each and every post visible in all kind of mobile, smartphones, tablets. More than 80 % of people search for their products or services on mobile. Because people can not carry a laptop or systems with them anywhere. So make sure that your website is responsive in mobile, tablets and in the same way it’s perfectly visible on the desktop.

SEO error

Not use of Rich Snippets

A rich snippet is like ratings that show on search engines with schema, meta title, and description. It appears on search engine apart from meta title and description, URLs, some web-users visit your site after seeing a rating with no consider page.

SEO mistakes

These are top 7 SEO mistakes that should be avoided in 2020, Do you want to do SEO courses or training? If you have knowledge of how to work on SEO so you can easily avoid these mistakes and always follow seo tips to avoid the mistake that helps you in gaining traffic on your website.

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