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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for 2020

Digital marketing tools are important for every business without these tools you can not examine the performance of your business. It provides you exact keyword that is a must for your website’s page ranking. Like keywords, it helps to know our error, linking details explorer and do you need to improve performance better to bet other companies.

You need digital marketing tools if you are providing digital marketing services or want to start your new business.

List of Some Best Digital Marketing Tools That You Need

Google Search Console

This tool is helpful to know the performance of your website, you will know a number of impressions, clicks of your website. After analyzing in google search console you can improve your site performance because it shows errors of your site. You can check keywords that are mostly searched on your website.  GSC allows you to submit site and URLs for crawling that helps in crawling your page.

You will get these features in GSC showing in the image below:-

Digital Marketing Tools


This is most using tools with having nice features like you know domain authority, page authority, spam score and about links audit that are do-follow or no-follow,  internal links or external links. This will give you better keyword opportunities in keywords research. You can check CTR click-through rate SERP metrics.  Even you get 30 days free trial for using this tool.

Best Digital Marketing Tool

Google Ads

For visible in front of customers is considered the most important factor by google. If you want to increase ranking and for better results, you need to pay for the ads if you wanna better and effortful results.

Digital Marketing Gadgets


This is one of the favorite tools and it gives you an idea about this why other companies are gaining higher traffic on your site. While using Ahref you will know the exact keyword for your site that helps in increasing ranking.


Almost every tool is helpful but this tool present simple to advance data for your website.  This tool is beneficial for the newbies and also for the professionals.


Digital Marketers like this tool because it provides a PPC campaign and it helps you to get the desired result. You can audit backlinks of your site and keywords that help in boosting your page rank.


Professional use this tool for increasing followers on twitter and it helps in building up brand visibility. With the help of this tool, you will find users’ information name, contact, location, e-mail this helps in creating customers relation.


needls is a tool that helps you to in engaging Facebook and Instagram ads and most importantly it helps in managing facebook ads and Instagram Ads. This tool creates ads that will help in examining your business. You will know your potential customers by working in social conversions. increase vision online presence on social media. You can design facebook ads, Instagram posts and stories, videos for your website that enhance the visibility of site or page on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and others.

This tool creates a relationship with the customers via messages, phone calls, live chat or video calls. It means it gathers information using this tool and also it saves your time.


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  24. Robertsax

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